Interview with Daniel Goleman on “Social Intelligence and Leadership”

Key Take-aways:

1. Outstanding leaders are able to create synergy. Though they may not know everything, they are able to combine what the team knows into magic. Interestingly, it is observed that the most common complaint about leaders is that, “They just don’t listen!” [2:03]

2. While emotional intelligence is about self-mastery, social intelligence is more than that – as here, your success depends on everyone else being effective [8:59]

3. Therefore, getting the right feedback is instrumental for improvements. This begins with recognizing the need for change and having genuine care for others.


Benefits of improved leadership skills

There are multiple benefits of being a more effective leader, be it at work, at home or anywhere else. Zooming in to the office environment, I’d like the improvements in my leadership skills to translate into the rise in performance of the organization that I’m in. This, I believe, will be achieved via the social intelligence route – i.e. through better relationships with my co-workers.

And the effect is not just one-off. In fact, taking the first step towards sharpening these skills is likely to create a positive snowball effect, resulting from the virtuous cycles illustrated below:

Improved leadership drives positive change

According to Dr Daniel Goleman, author of the best-selling book Emotional Intelligence , a key element of this process is the ability to listen. Check out the next posting for insights from the man himself.